HackThisSite.org News: Metasploit Unleashed

by: limdis, 11:03 pm Thursday March 26th, 2015

What's up guys. I'm ready to fire this course up again. This time with a bit more involvement and additional projects for you to practice and hone your skills on. If you have never heard about Metasploit before I highly encourage you to check it out. This course is more than simply reading about exploits. You will actually be performing them! The goal is to provide you with the opportunity to really dive into penetration testing, and learn together with others. If you have ever wished that someone took you under their wing and teach you, this is as close as you will get.

I want to officially kick this off Saturday, the 11th of April. If you wish to participate in a group setting join us via IRC in #metasploit. Alternatively, you may ask questions and post comments here in this thread. All content is public and is available at anytime so you are free to learn at your own pace.

For more information: See here