HackThisSite.org News: Call for Staff - Security News *POSITION FILLED*

by: limdis, 08:09 pm Sunday September 21st, 2014

We have decided to revive the security news project and open a slot in our staff for anyone who might be interested in joining in. This an opportunity to join our team as we push forward and continue to shape HTS.

Description of Duties:
You will be responsible for weekly (or bi-weekly) news summaries.
You will have flexibility on how this information is presented and you may brand it with your nic/avatar.
You will participate in staff meetings and will be a subject matter expert in larger political events (for example "fast lanes").
This is a volunteer position. Everyone here at HTS works on a volunteer basis.

Must be able to find and vet legitimate sources (no satire).
Somewhat fluent in English and can write clearly.
Possess some skill with an image editor.

How to Apply:
Contact mShred or myself if you are interested.
Applicants will be interviewed to determine eligibility.

~HTS Staff