HackThisSite.org News: HOLY UPDATE, BATMAN!

by: fashizzlepop, 07:01 am Wednesday January 08th, 2014

Greetings all!


We have a ton of updates for you so let's begin!


* Updated 'About Project' page to be more modernized

If you look at our About Page you will find that it has been edited, and reorganized. It was last touched in 2008 and was originally written in 2004 by HackThisSite founder Jeremy Hammond. I took the liberty of updating it to current happenings at HTS and fixed various grammatical and layout issues.


* Added new preliminary MVC framework
* Updated entire registration system to use MVC and Management systems
* Updated some existing static pages to use MVC framework
* Updated development system with custom code linting

In the process of rebuilding our register system, we've introduced a new customMVC framework to make rebuilding pages easier and to provide some structure to the process.

We also recoded the User Registration page which fixes many of the issues new users were having with our system while creating an account. The styling of the page is also new and should be taken as evidence that we're very aware of HTS' design stagnation, and that we are making an effort to fix it.


* Added Management internal system for separated critical elements

With the new registration page comes a new user management server; we're now able to keep HackThisSite accounts inherently separate (and more secure) from the HackThisSite website, and provide you guys with a single sign on for future systems.


* Revision A - Mon Jan 6 06:22:43 UTC 2014 by kage
* Revision B - Mon Jan 6 07:22:11 UTC 2014 by kage

These staging revisions were found during intermediate testing. Unfortunately we didn't catch them in our dev environment so we had to regress and patch them in.

Last, but certainly not least...

* Added new Forensics mission category


From the depths of limdis' mind, we have a new Forensic mission designed to test your skills in data recovery. Given a USB thumbdrive's image, your goal is to retrieve an accidentally deleted password. Find the password and put your client's worries away. Good luck!

Until next time,

Happy Hacking