Count Down Timer 2

Count Down Timer 2

Post by anarchy420x on Fri May 25, 2012 4:53 am
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I made a second one because my original one got lost in the fold even after I added new stuff. I think it considered it an edit as opposed to new content.

I've been working at trying to edit this code for a few days now. I don't know enough javascript to edit certain values. I am looking to know how to change the dates to a 24 hour count down that activates client side. I also want to know how to move it to the upper right corner. Here is the code.

Code: Select all
    <style style="text/css">

    .lcdstyle{ /*Example CSS to create LCD countdown look*/
    font: bold 18px MS Sans Serif;
    padding: 3px;

    .lcdstyle sup{ /*Example CSS to create LCD countdown look*/
    font-size: 80%


    <script type="text/javascript">

    * Dynamic Countdown script- © Dynamic Drive (
    * This notice MUST stay intact for legal use
    * Visit for this script and 100s more.

    function cdtime(container, targetdate){
    if (!document.getElementById || !document.getElementById(container)) return
    this.currentTime=new Date()
    this.targetdate=new Date(targetdate)

    var thisobj=this
    setTimeout(function(){thisobj.updateTime()}, 1000) //update time every second

    cdtime.prototype.displaycountdown=function(baseunit, functionref){

    var thisobj=this

    var timediff=(this.targetdate-this.currentTime)/1000 //difference btw target date and current date, in seconds
    if (timediff<0){ //if time is up
    var oneMinute=60 //minute unit in seconds
    var oneHour=60*60 //hour unit in seconds
    var oneDay=60*60*24 //day unit in seconds
    var dayfield=Math.floor(timediff/oneDay)
    var hourfield=Math.floor((timediff-dayfield*oneDay)/oneHour)
    var minutefield=Math.floor((timediff-dayfield*oneDay-hourfield*oneHour)/oneMinute)
    var secondfield=Math.floor((timediff-dayfield*oneDay-hourfield*oneHour-minutefield*oneMinute))
    if (this.baseunit=="hours"){ //if base unit is hours, set "hourfield" to be topmost level
    else if (this.baseunit=="minutes"){ //if base unit is minutes, set "minutefield" to be topmost level
    else if (this.baseunit=="seconds"){ //if base unit is seconds, set "secondfield" to be topmost level
    var secondfield=timediff
    this.container.innerHTML=this.formatresults(dayfield, hourfield, minutefield, secondfield)
    setTimeout(function(){thisobj.showresults()}, 1000) //update results every second

    /////CUSTOM FORMAT OUTPUT FUNCTIONS BELOW//////////////////////////////

    //Create your own custom format function to pass into cdtime.displaycountdown()
    //Use arguments[0] to access "Days" left
    //Use arguments[1] to access "Hours" left
    //Use arguments[2] to access "Minutes" left
    //Use arguments[3] to access "Seconds" left

    //The values of these arguments may change depending on the "baseunit" parameter of cdtime.displaycountdown()
    //For example, if "baseunit" is set to "hours", arguments[0] becomes meaningless and contains "n/a"
    //For example, if "baseunit" is set to "minutes", arguments[0] and arguments[1] become meaningless etc

    function formatresults(){
    if (this.timesup==false){//if target date/time not yet met
    var displaystring=arguments[0]+" days "+arguments[1]+" hours "+arguments[2]+" minutes "+arguments[3]+" seconds left until May 23, 2012 00:00:00"
    else{ //else if target date/time met
    var displaystring="Future date is here!"
    return displaystring

    function formatresults2(){
    if (this.timesup==false){ //if target date/time not yet met
    var displaystring="<span class='lcdstyle'>"+arguments[0]+" <sup>days</sup> "+arguments[1]+" <sup>hours</sup> "+arguments[2]+" <sup>minutes</sup> "+arguments[3]+" <sup>seconds</sup></span> left until this Christmas"
    else{ //else if target date/time met
    var displaystring="" //Don't display any text
    alert("Christmas is here!") //Instead, perform a custom alert
    return displaystring


here is the second part of the code, but I don't think it makes much of a difference.

Code: Select all
    <div id="countdowncontainer"></div>
    <br />
    <div id="countdowncontainer2"></div>

    <script type="text/javascript">

    var futuredate=new cdtime("countdowncontainer", "March 23, 2009 18:25:00")
    futuredate.displaycountdown("days", formatresults)

    var currentyear=new Date().getFullYear()
    //dynamically get this Christmas' year value. If Christmas already passed, then year=current year+1
    var thischristmasyear=(new Date().getMonth()>=11 && new Date().getDate()>25)? currentyear : currentyear
    var christmas=new cdtime("countdowncontainer2", "December 25, "+thischristmasyear+" 0:0:00")
    christmas.displaycountdown("days", formatresults2)

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Re: Count Down Timer 2

Post by tremor77 on Wed May 30, 2012 1:19 pm
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For the positioning try "float:right" is your stylesheets..

In javascript to get the client side date/time try using something like this "localTime.getDate();"
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Re: Count Down Timer 2

Post by sv4run on Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:36 pm
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For positioning (with css) you could also use...
position: absolute;
top: XX px;
right: XX px;

Edit: Oops, didn't check last post date. :oops: It looks like, i'm a bit late.
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