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Post by latest-release on Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:57 pm
([msg=100133]see theharvester Opensource OSINT tools Online[/msg])

theHarvester is a very simple, yet effective tool designed to be used in the early
stages of a penetration test. Use it for open source intelligence gathering and
helping to determine a company's external threat landscape on the internet. The
tool gathers emails, names, subdomains, IPs, and URL.

We at decided to move this tool so that it can be used online. and yes we did. Some of the features of this tool are;
    Social network profile finder

Code: Select all
import theHarvester
from theHarvester.discovery import baidusearch
from theHarvester.discovery import bingsearch
from theHarvester.discovery import dnsdumpster
from theHarvester.discovery import googlesearch
#....and more....
# or
# from theHarvester.discovery import *
baidu = baidusearch.SearchBaidu("", 100)
# Each discovery engine has it's own method
# not all have get_emails
emails = baidu.get_emails()
hostnames = baidu.get_hostnames()
# That's how you can use theHarvester in any other python3 module.
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