Main Site Registration With Tor

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Main Site Registration With Tor

Post by infinite_redirect on Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:59 am
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Just spent about 2 hours trying to get through the registration form using TOR. Kept getting the message "this site is not redirecting properly".

This was happening both using tor browser and firefox with proxy settings set to localhost:9050 (TOR)

Tried doing the HTTP submission manually in python using requests:
- download the registration page, save it, await for captcha text from user
- open saved page, view captcha and type into program
- program submits the registration. Sometimes got 200 responses and sometimes 302 redirects in an infinite loop.

Further it would always reject the captcha. I would open the saved page thereby initiating a new session to view the captcha, is there something running on the backend that only allows each captcha to be linked to one session at a time?

Tried jumping on the IRC and that blocked me for using TOR too :(

Anyhow I gave up and proxied through another machine, still got a lot of captcha rejections but they at least didn't cause infinite redirects.

Now to try the missions!
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