Cobalt Strike 3.14 Cracked

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Cobalt Strike 3.14 Cracked

Post by lr3800 on Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:09 pm
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About Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike is a framework designed for adversary simulation. It is commonly used by penetration testers and red teamers to test an organization’s resilience against targeted attacks. It can be configured using Malleable C&C profiles which can be used to customize the behavior of its beacon, giving users the ability to emulate the TTP’s of in the wild threat actors. The framework is commercially and publicly available, which has also led to pirated/cracked versions of the software.

Though Cobalt Strike is designed for adversary simulation, somewhat ironically the framework has been adopted by an ever increasing number of malicious threat actors: from financially motivated criminals such as Navigator/FIN7, to state-affiliated groups motivated by political espionage such as APT29. In recent years, both red teams and threat actors have increasingly made use of publicly and commercially available hacking tools. A major reason for this is likely their ease of use and scalability. This two-sided element of pentesting suites makes it a critical avenue for threat research.


v3.14 Size: 20.2mb

Local Download

v3.13 Size: 20.75mb

Local Download

– v3.8 Size: 19.56mb

Local Download

windows run
Code: Select all
teamserver 123

Have fun!
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