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best movie to hack

Post by 72 65 74 72 6f on Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:28 am
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So what's actually (in your opinion) the best "hacker" movie ?

I know...not easy if you consider how Hollywood tries to depict us, but.....

This just comes up because I actually watched "Hackers" from 1995 the first time...actually I just watched it for about 45 minutes.

The main character seems interesting, but watching Jolie trollin' around like some pissed-of zombie plus the hyped-up and totally illogical computer screens just gave me somethin' I really couldn't cope with for much longer.

I grew up with "Wargames" which I personally still consider the best considering "accuracy" and portraying the right mind set.

At least for old-school hackers :D
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