Piratepad not to be trusted (yet)

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Piratepad not to be trusted (yet)

Post by limdis on Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:22 pm
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For those that know about piratepad this is going to be an interesting read for you. For those that don't I'm not here to sell it right now, so check it out if you are interested. Or ask me later. Now to the point;

I know a lot of us have used it but I found a problem with piratepad. A timeline history is saved and cannot be deleted. Therefor, if the pad link is discovered by someone other than those who originally knew about it (being that the pads are public by default) they can join and see the entire conversation; with edits, start to finish.
Even if the content was deleted before everyone exited and revision was saved. I have found pads from as far back as 2010 that still hold full history. Also have read complaints that so much history has been saved that is lags out the pad and new one is required to use.
I have not been able to find any information within the pads via any form of searching. So if the link cannot be found, then it should not be able to be found again.
BUT, I have found in text links to pads that include but have not been limited to; personal information, admin login credentials, business sales pitches and strategies, customer information, even the details to a fully doxed political figure.

Until there is an option added to delete this history use piratepad with caution if you decide to do so. If anyone knows if the saved history can be deleted please discuss. I have not found a way to do so as of yet.

Nobody ask me for or how to find the above links mentioned. I'm not going to tell you.
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Re: Piratepad not to be trusted (yet)

Post by -Ninjex- on Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:50 am
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Interesting, thanks for the heads up; I will have to look more into this.

Love the quote as well.
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