A question about general relativity

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Re: A question about general relativity

Post by FunctionCreep on Wed May 19, 2010 9:16 pm
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now that I think about it that is interesting cause black hole singularities are defined to have infinite density and zero volume, which sounds like what is happening as mass is accelerated near light speeds.

That is most likely a result of the fact that black holes are a result of a star collapsing into it's own mass basically. That all has to do with huge gravitational force, thus, the fact of a black hole having the ability to even suck in light. It is strongly believed that the light actually becomes trapped like every other particle that comes in contact with the black holes gravitanional field. The tricky question, and one that remains unanswered due to lack of appropriate physic theories being in existance, is what actually HAPPENS inside the black hole. Could it be that all the mass/particles etc. that are sucked into it are simply transformed into another form of matter or energy? (e.g. Gamma & X-Rays) . We can only hope that brilliant minds will pop along sometime in the (hopefully near) future to give us the asnwer.

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a very nice read indeed. Try out the ones released by stephen hawking's aswell, they don't use maths (and when they do they're simple enough if you're into this sort of thing) and they certainly will make your mind spin (pun intended) in completely different ways than the ones you might be used to up until now.

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