How To Get HTS Mission Solutions! :)

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How To Get HTS Mission Solutions! :)

Post by Monica on Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:28 pm
([msg=26670]see How To Get HTS Mission Solutions! :)[/msg])

Please note that HackThisSite is not a community based on competition.

We're based on learning, helping you learn things you did not know before. Thus, we discourage the use of sites to obtain answers, as it's not about who's on top; but who's learning. Having a few thousand points yet not knowing any more than you knew when you signed up defeats the purpose of being here, so put your time to understanding each mission; Learning what it takes; What it needs; And how to complete it.

If you have problems or difficulties completing a missions it is of course okay to ask for help, as long as you aren't asking to the extent that the mission be explained to you so that you may complete it.

Also note that, the posting or requesting of such information (i.e. Mission answers/solutions, or places to get such) will result in a warn. (Repeatedly, a ban)
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