[VB6] DDOS question

[VB6] DDOS question

Post by zx9 on Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:55 pm
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First of all. Glad to be here and hey all. :)

I have been trying to make a DDOS tool in vb (only language I am quite familiar with). This is the research I have done so far.

-Tried janidos (awesome tool) and obviously noticed it was made in vb. Got inspired and wanted to make my own ddosing tool for my collection with the same caliber as Jani and a few extra addons.
-Tried looking on google for examples and pointers but no avail. seems there are examples for all lingos except vb :(
- Tried pscode but no luck

I tried the following but it didnt work:
-pinging continuously with a huge amount of data using shell cmds
-heard from people it can be done using inet and winsock and decided
to experiment but failed. :(

Can someone provide me with an example or a pointer in the right direction.
That would be awesome.

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Re: [VB6] DDOS question

Post by __ASMx86 on Sun Sep 21, 2008 3:16 pm
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First, Why do you want to DDOS? Its the lamest kind of 'hack'
Second, This is the C++ Area, not VB and especially not VB6..

Third, If you really want to do a DDos try this :) :
Craft Packages. Send SYN Packges to the host from RANDOM IPs. Since it sill only send back ACKs and you can flood the Cache then :)

I hope that helped you.

Do some research in TCP and learn a Decent Language to Code. Also a small advice. Read up on Teardrop, Smurf attacks and how ddosing works.
I hope you wont do anything foolish with the knowledge though..
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Re: [VB6] DDOS question

Post by AgentSmithers on Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:57 pm
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I think its great hes trying though and VB6 I started with and you can do a hole lot but event with VC++ you still cant send TCP due to Service pack 2 without a Custom Driver / WinpCap if im correct. but Yeah Ddos do kinda byte but I am someone who would only inspire the thought due to the fact that if you read you'll understand more of what is going on underneath and could lead to better things such as a Networking Job =) or a Program that actually works!
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