thinger IOT project

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Re: thinger IOT project

Post by calabrovarijo on Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:46 pm
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boriz666 wrote:Hey pretentious ,
sick good to hear that you are tinkering with IOT stuff, its an amazing field
that i am quite into myself.

I use a rapberry pi as the main hub to get censor information from my other
home made devices through CAN bus, which i like a lot due to the robustness
of the protocol and hw.

I have started to make a LCARS gui in QT, on my main linux box, and the idea
is that it will interface with the raspberry pi (via http) and get the sensor data from there
and also it can send commands to the rpi, which lights it should turn on / off etc.

The server part on the rpi, i use a embedded webserver project called mongoose,
which i am pretty happy about, its been running for a year now without a problem.

All the sensors i make are homemade aswell as the control circuitry for the light
switches etc. FileZilla UC Browser Rufus

Will be loooking forward to progress updates on this, its very very interesting to
work with stuff like this, that can control the real world.

Next thing to do is to wire the relay into my desk lamp and control it via the arduino.(gonna buy some gear to make this not a fire hazard first)
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Re: thinger IOT project

Post by spaces on Sun Apr 19, 2020 1:09 am
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A proper research must be done to come in conclusion and make a perfect report, this project will be of that level geometry dash
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