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Venting Rage about a website client, kill kill death

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:59 pm
by tremor77
I just needed someone to complain to about a 'web client' that my work picked up and tossed in my lap. This website is hosted at some POS guys small-time hosting company, which.. turns out has been defunct for 6 months but their account is still active and website still online. To boot, it's like a CPanel share, probably one of those affiliate hosting deals. AND.. this clients e-mail is also hosted there (POP).

The website has Wordpress for a CMS on the Front-End.. a 2nd WordPress installation for a subdomain blog (assuming someone's bright idea for social media and SEO), a Magento Commerce Cart installation for a shabby online product store with some douchebags custom coded paypal API tied into it, that same douche has also created a member only login area that falls prey to 'OR 1=1 injection... oh ya, plus this site has 10GB of stored webinar video.. yet the hosts 'premium' package only offers 5GB storage and 20GB bandwidth. Altogether 6 MySQL databases, and remnants of old versions of the site in html, asp and php still in existence.. as it looks like designer after designer just came in and rebooted the 'look' of the site over a period of years.

So it's my task to migrate this site to better hosting... expected by my boss and the client - no downtime for the site, no downtime for the e-mail.. oh ya, and do it on the cheap too.


Re: Venting Rage about a website client, kill kill death

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:37 am
by kujinR
I know your feel bro.

This is a bit old, but I recently got handed a project that is almost identical to yours. It's all that sans the 10GB webinars and the Magento Commerce Cart.

So, yes, I also have the Wordpress in a wordpress problem (blogception) and now they want the site in Drupal, but the blog _still_ in WP (i know, right?). To top it off, I have to coordinate with this ass of a guy who has the access to the new server cause they don't trust me enough to get any kind of admin access (SSH, CPanel, etc). All just because they saw me browsing through this site from work.

There are not enough facepalms in the world to express how I feel right now.