WDPT - Web Designer's Productivity Tool

WDPT - Web Designer's Productivity Tool

Post by mooph on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:29 am
([msg=86533]see WDPT - Web Designer's Productivity Tool[/msg])

Hello friends!

I've created something I call "Web Designer's Productivity Tool" and I've put it on http://wdpt.eu. I want to ask you what do you think about it?

Create HTML and CSS (get it pressing T) and don't remove that HTML comment when copy/pasting. Otherwise modify as you wish.

Čeněk mooph Svoboda :twisted:, svobo.c@gmail.com

(I've added "save in JSON" feature, "fixed width layout" feature, "background-image" feature and I've changed HJKL to UHJK so it's no longer controlled vi style)

I am wondering how much would this project fall into category "useful stuff" if I made some changes...

-- Sat Oct 19, 2019 4:56 pm --

Note 1: It's old
Note 2: I have no reason to change that, because nothing changed except for flexing added to ntwrk (eh sry, internet).
Note 3: It could be more sexy. But should the tool be sexy or the product?
Note 4: Coding style I have now is completely different, but it still works as far as I know.
Note 5: Yeah, it's for left to right layouts and also right to left layouts. R3sp3ct to the world, that's the message.
Note 6: No motivation to continue, because after 7 years of existence of this project (and idea from 2k7) not even the signal like "yeah, that could be it, web, that changes itself".
Note 7: Go get your stuff you think it "does stuff instead of you". Sorry, it doesn't.
Note 8: Yeah, I don't care about some algorithms, that are not perfect in this project, cause they are perfect in other projects I work and used to work on and why, just why should I make things perfect... Clear?

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