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Post by anonymous991 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:54 pm
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hello I am pretty new to this website but I am looking for websites that I could find .pdf's for download for books on "hacking"
my topics of interest are vast as I am trying to be well rounded and knowledgeable in all aspects of computers, hacking etc
some topics of interest(i know some overlap each other in books and subjects but bear with me)

~unix commands, SSI, javascript, apache servers(more of all servers), website&application exploiting, ascII , cryptography, string manipulation, C/C++/assembly/visual basic/pearl/python/mysql/php/xhtml/css, in depth linux, sql/XXS, web application vulnerabilitys, reverse engineering,

and everything in between (yes i am aware it will take years to master everything but my main problem isnt time but other resources ie. money/books

im not asking for a "hackers tutorial" im asking for where i can find all the books on all the subjects and more to go about acquiring the.......set of knowledge that is required to be called something above a script kiddie

EDIT// I have read through the fourms and have found some "decent" websites for pdf's like "" and ""

But im looking for a broader range of text--the above 2 websites are helpful on some subjects but others have a complete lack or incomplete-ness
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