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Favourite Client?!

Post by sandsphinx on Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:22 pm
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Heya guys, i'm just in the process of being bored to death, and so to cheer up some members and get there fingers working on that keyboard i am asking you a simple question...

What is your favourite IRC client?
I want to know to why it's your favourite? And hopefully we might get a active topic for once.

Right i'll start.
My favourite Client is Pidgin, and i choose this client because its awesome. It makes my msn, irc, google talk, AIM, all in one place, with a easy to use GUI. And i also like it that not many people use it compared to MiRC and XChat.

Oh and um if you dont know what IRC is, and some of you, maybe most of you have never used it before, i suggest downloading Pidgin

Or XChat


And get connected to hackthissite's irc network. Its easy the server is "irc.hackthissite.org" on port "6667" and the main channels that you see linked at the HTS homepage are #help and #hackthissite, there are many others such as;
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Re: Favourite Client?!

Post by faazshift on Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:56 pm
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I used xchat and mirc years ago. Since I have used pidgin for anything irc related I need to do (though I don't really use it on a regular basis these days). Pidgin is amazing, definitely my preference. Its simple, powerful, extensible, and supports basically every protocol needed.
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