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Applying For HTS Staff

Post by sanddbox on Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:48 pm
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Ever since I've become mod we've been getting bombarded with staff applications, so I've decided to outline the general criteria for becoming a mod in this thread.

Becoming a HTS Staff Member

HTS is slowly coming back and HTS v5 is around the corner (more accurately, several corners). Because of this, we are going to need more staff members. What does this mean? This means we need more qualified, active staff members. This does not mean we're going to hire every user who has enough time to be a staff member.

Important: Being a staff member requires more than the ability to moderate. This entire website is devoted to technology, so naturally, our members must be technologically fluent. We can't have staff members that don't know anything about the topics they are moderating for several reasons - first of all, they have to look professional, second, they won't be able to moderate/administrate appropriately, and finally, staff members have to be posting correct and helpful information so that users are not misled (after all, a staff member's information is a lot more likely to be believed than a regular user's).

Activity is also a must. You must show you are dedicated to the forums/site and aren't going to leave every other week to take a break. This does not mean you must post on every topic after every reply from every user - it simply means you should be checking the forums every day. Being a staff member is a responsibility, and is about much more than a username with a pretty color. As a staff member, it's your job to keep the site running smoothly.


To be a staff member, you need technological expertise, activity, maturity, and experience. As I've already stated, we don't want unqualified members. We don't want to discourage people from applying, but you should recognize when is the right time to apply and when is not the right time. You need to be qualified. "I don't know much but I'm active" will not hold up.

In short, apply when you believe you are ready to handle the responsibility of a staff member and are able to provide help to those in need. One of the two won't fly - you have to be both responsible and capable of helping members.


This thread isn't directed at any particular users. The point of the thread is to recognize the criteria required to become a staff member and make sure you fit the criteria before applying. Remember that the majority of staff members were selected to become a staff member.

A warning: don't start posting with the intent to look good and eventually become a staff member. Post with the intent to help people and keep the site alive, and the rest will fall into place. You don't need thousands of posts, but you do need to have good, helpful posts. This does not mean you can't engage in forum banter or ever wander off topic - it means that when it's time to help, you should be helping, and when it's time to play, you should go outside play.

Finally, remember that we are not trying to discourage people from applying, but rather are trying to encourage people to know when they are ready to become a staff member.


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Re: Applying for HTS Staff

Post by thetan on Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:55 pm
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For the love of god, don't be afraid to apply. Especially if you're considering being a developer. Forwarding a copy of your resume directly to me via PM (after you sent it to won't hurt either.
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Re: Applying for HTS Staff

Post by Monica on Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:20 am
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Many of you ask, "How do I become a HackThisSite staff?" Below will answer your question!

1.) Submission of a staff application [Click HERE for more information.]
2.) Staff review of applicant, may also perform background check
3.) We will contact candidate for interview, if selected
4.) We will provide candidate a knowledge test based on position applied, if selected
5.) Staff vote

Please do NOT contact the HTS staff for status of application.
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