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Newbies: Read This First

Post by bjvanwash on Fri May 16, 2008 2:12 am
([msg=2554]see Newbies: Read This First[/msg])

So you want to know how to hack huh?
Do you want us to hack something for you?
Do you need the answers for missions on

Well guess what? It is not going to happen!

I'm sick and tired of reading 5 threads in a day and hearing someone say in each one, "how do I hack this?", "hack this for me", "I'm a newbie, what are the answers?"


We all started out just like you. I started out on in 2004 learning more and more each day by researching. That is the key. Google should be your best friend.

You know, it has been 4 years since I started out on here, and I would not consider myself a "hacker". Yeah I may know a lot more than I used to, I may be able to crack some passwords here and there, but that took time. When I first created my username and password through, I hardly ever used the forums. If I had a question about something, I researched it; through the forums, articles, and google. Most of the time I found someone who had posted a topic in the forums that was very similar to my problem. That's what you should do. Search everywhere and anywhere for your answer before you post a new topic. The HTS community is sick of it. If you post something such as, "will you hack for me?" you will be ignored or yelled at for it. TRUST ME!

Hacking is not about breaking passwords. It's not about defacing somebody's website/webpage. It's not about creating viruses and sending them to people to see how many files you can destroy. It's about learning on your own, learning from your mistakes, learning from other people's mistakes, and researching.
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