hi there.

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hi there.

Post by yepyep on Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:41 pm
([msg=20869]see hi there.[/msg])

i started coming here to learn and to see what i could do, to see how far i could go. when i first started i could only do 2 missions. basic missions 1,2 lol. but over time i have learned a lot done more missions then i thought i would ever do. and now i am having a bet of a problem. my old computer died poor baby so oh will got my self a new computer, transfered over the files that i needed and over reformatted it. now i was going to turn it in it windows xp but i am so use to Ubuntu so i installed both, but grub does not work grub for some reason and by what i am doing it can;t find nor install it.so now i can't get to Ubuntu only to windows. so now i am thinking on turning my old baby in to a sever. by the looks of it i have to learn apache I've installed it done some research on it and i still can't get it to work. even though i have gotten to learn a lot and only asked 4 or so times for help. i don't like to ask for help. so here it goes how do i get apache to work. ahh i feel like my brain is about to melt. i am using ubuntu 8.04 was using 8.10 then moved to kubuntu 8.04 then to kubuntu 8.10 stand there for a month or so then went back to ubuntu 8.04.

oh and heres another thing my computer can burn an image then flip the cd and burn i picture to the cd. using label flash, thats what the thing said before i killed vista and install kubuntu 8.10 how do i get it to work?

if any one can help me that would be be really great. it would mean a lot for my family and i. the starting of a online family business. it smells great. please email me at greatdaysforever@hotmail.com
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