What advice for improvement?

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What advice for improvement?

Post by theAnswerIs42_v2 on Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:38 pm
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Good evening, I'm a computer engineering student. I've always been passionate about computers and I've always liked to 'tweak' with the keyboard.

I would like to take seriously a path in CyberSecurity (Penetration Testing Path) but in general I like to learn everything related to computer science.

I am thinking of starting the CEH certification course.

However, I feel a little disoriented. I can't perceive an actual path to follow. I feel I don't know anything. It seems to me an immensity of stuff to know.

I have done university courses in C, Java, Mips, Networks, Operating Systems, Computers in general, but for example I don't know how to write my own exploit. How do I learn this kind of thing? I don't know if I explain myself ahaha.

What advice can you give me to become a cyber security professional? Is it just a matter of trying over time? I need to study and learn more.

Thanks and sorry for the length of my message.

Good evening everybody!
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