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Need some help

Post by crosenbauer2112 on Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:59 pm
([msg=95189]see Need some help[/msg])

I have a program that I paid for. However, it has two features that bother my futureproofing paranoia. One, it checks for the internet on its first run. Two, it checks the internet for the license.

I have done a little research and started to try to learn how to code. I have determined that the main .exe or a .dll must perform a hash check on the .exe. If I open the program in .net reflector and make no changes to it, then save it as a new .exe with reflexil, it doesn't function as it should (and has a new file hash). It won't recognize a controller when it is attached.

Also, in version 2.0 they introduced a tray icon. Interestingly enough, the tray icon will recognize the controller is connected even with the main exe being modified and therefore unable to recognize controllers.

I hope someone can help me learn how to get around security like this. I don't have much interest in having someone do it for me. I would like someone to teach me how. I use a combo of x64dbg, simple assembly viewer, reflexil, justdecompile, and .net reflector. Thanks to all.

EDIT: After looking around some more I have determined that the digital signature/certificate is what is causing the program to not run. Will keep you all updated.

EDIT 2: Unfortunately that was not the breakthrough I thought it was. I have determined the licensing is probably maintained by one .dll that I can open and another that I can't. To be honest I'm at a dead end with my skills and need some guidance.
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