Burp Suite Intruder question

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Burp Suite Intruder question

Post by Lowincom3 on Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:38 am
([msg=95027]see Burp Suite Intruder question[/msg])

Hello HTS,
I wish to test my web application by trying to log into it with dictionary attacks using Burp Suite (Intruder).
The problem is that the website does not allow me to log in if I have JavaScript disabled. I can log in with the browser, but not with automated requests in Burp Suite.
Because of this JavaScript issue, I cannot differentiate the correct password from the others.

Is there a way to enable JavaScript in Burp Suite?

If not, what are the alternatives? Is there any other fast software that could help me overcome this?
If anything else, do you recommend using Selenium to crack the passwords?
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