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Hello World

Post by Geordi on Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:04 am
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Hello. As you can see, I am a noob, so I figured I might as well post in the NZone to get myself started. I first began to want to learn how to hack when my older brother introduced me to his work as a grey-hat, but at this point, I'm learning partly out of necessity to stop one of my friends from messing with my computer (don't ask). I've already done the first 5 basic missions and read all of the guides I saw for new hackers, so I know that I should learn Javascript, PHP, C, etc. to name a few(I already have experience with HTML) but there are a few things I am not sure about.

I read that Linux is much better than, say, Windows, and that I should pretty much immediately switch due to the level of customization and assortment of features. However, someone else said that if what you are using works fine for you then you should not switch. As you have most likely gathered, I am currently using Windows, and have not yet encountered a problem with it, but I feel like that is only because I am a beginner with little experience.

Another thing: I am stuck on the sixth challenge. I have little experience with encryption, although I do have experience with making hand-written codes, and I am not sure if this will help all that much. I did find a good website to start with (I think) but I'd love it if someone could tell me if I am going in the right direction or not.

That's pretty much it, and feel free to nitpick about everything I say, it helps me improve. Thanks for bothering to read through all of this. I look forward to learning more from this website!
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Re: Hello World

Post by cyberdrain on Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:53 am
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Let me be the first to say: Welcome! As far as first posts go, seems like you got that down. We have a specific section for questions about the missions, you might want to read/ask there if you're still unsure.

For all advice in the world the best I can give you is this: do whatever you feel is right/fun/rewarding. Don't go about learning something that will bore you easily or that you don't want to learn. For now, you can stick with Windows, or you can use a live system or dualboot if you feel you want to learn Linux. Most of us still use Windows in one form or another (usually for games). When you start programming you will probably find out Linux is just easier to do it on and that it does a lot of things a lot faster/better.

Enjoy your stay :)
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