Recommendations for Kali Platforms

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Recommendations for Kali Platforms

Post by warriusbirde on Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:32 am
([msg=79959]see Recommendations for Kali Platforms[/msg])

To those of you that have used it, how does the RasPi version of Kali compare to the more conventional distros? I have a Pi that's not doing anything as of late and it is my go to "dicking around with Linux" system. However, I have been reading up on the Pi version and it seems that it ships without some tools that the regular version features (for size reasons) and has some quirks. While I do enjoy the Pi and using it, I'd prefer to get straight to endless googling to figure out security problems as opposed to the same with getting the Pi to cooperate.

I've heard that the Thinkpad line of laptops are a decent bang for the buck and parts can often be found for fairly cheap due to their popularity with corporate America. My personal laptop or desktop could be dual booted, and have several times before, but I prefer to be able to access the odds and ends I need on Windows fairly quickly.

What do all of you think? Is Kali Pi worth fiddling around with or should I just go for a laptop proper? If it's the laptop, what general guidelines should I consider for the purposes of Pentesting and the assorted other facets of hacking?
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