I can't access my hotmail account can anyone help please

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I can't access my hotmail account can anyone help please

Post by start378 on Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:36 pm
([msg=99814]see I can't access my hotmail account can anyone help please[/msg])

I have tried to sign into my hotmail account and have the correct password however it is asking for me to verify with a phone number I no longer have. I haven't logged into this account for almost a year because of unforseen circumstances. It then asked me to verify online but time and time again I have not been able to provide enough information to regain access to this account. I can't provide recent e-mails because not only have I not used this account for sending e-mails but even if I had they wouldn't be recent due to how long its been since I logged into the account. Normally I would just forget about the account and mke a new one, however in this case I can't because I have other important accounts linked to this hotmail address which I can't access either now due to their upgrade in security where i have to log in to my hotmail to confirm the log in attemps in my other accounts. I am also using the same device to try to log into my hotmail as it says this may help but since that still doesn't help because I am no longer at the same address therefore my ip address has changed so I can't log in from the same location. I contacted microsoft support who were no help whatsoever. This has been going on for the best part of 3 months now and i'm still no further in gaining access. Is there a way I can either bypass the verification process or somehow hack in my account? Please any advice would be a great help as I am completely out of ideas and have no idea what hacking programs would be of use or which ones would be safe to use.
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