iam not a hacker iam just need a help

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iam not a hacker iam just need a help

Post by zghostz09 on Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:14 am
([msg=95184]see iam not a hacker iam just need a help[/msg])

welcome everybody, first of all i would say that iam not a hacker and iam not here for learning, so why i am here?
theres a online game, someone opend a private server of it after the real game closed, he is so mad, he ban alot of players just to gain more money, some of players are charge alot so anyone kills them or make them anger he takes a ban and his crc get delete, so i need ur help guys, i need to access to his server and delete it, i dont wanna a users or passwords, i dont wanna a cash in the game, i just want to see his server shut down so i can learn anything do anything to achieve this goal
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