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Re: Basic Mission 4

Post by shironibori on Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:27 pm
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Alright, I've done this mission before (lost pass. to old account), but even when I did I have NO idea how I did it. I knew exactly what to do, but the same problem always happened. After changing the magic thing, I went to view the new page and clicked submit.. but nothing happened. No "Password Sent", no "Error!", no nothing. I'm logged in on another tab, of course, using my HTS email, checking my spam, everything. Like I said, I have NO idea how I did it last time (suddenly the 'Congratz!' page popped while I did what I had done the exact same way ten times?). Any help?

Also, is the email system down again? I had to go through heck to make this new account because my 'forgot password' email never reached me.
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