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Post by tesla369 on Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:06 am
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Is there such a thing anymore? How about morality? Both of those human elements wain by every new generation. In today's world, I find that there are more charlatans and and shysters than ever before. And technology has given them the key to the city....but that's a catch 22. There is No stopping true "evil" or real "dishonesty" because they are mindsets. For example, you can't convince a TRUE Christian believer that Jesus Christ is not the true Lord and Savior and the son of God. Why? Because they have Faith and true faith cannot be broken. So all you are doing is wasting your breath on that platform. And trying to systematically bring down every conman that chisels some elderly woman out of her Social Security check is like pissing into the wind. So, what's the solution? There is none, but....there is something called a "reckoning" or you can call it Karma with a little push. Now don't confuse that with vengeance. It's not about vengeance, but more about balance. Like Josey Wales said, "People forgive....but there ain’t NO Forgettin". That means Karma has a way of setting balance back into life. In this world we have to have balance or shit goes fucking awry. There is no good without evil. No light without day. No GOD without the DEVIL. If one leans to far the other way, this world would tip up on it’s end. There would be fucking Anarchy. That’s where Karma comes into the picture. It’s sets shit right again. You can’t run from Karma, you can’t hide from it, trick or deceive it. It sees all. It sits there waiting to put shit back the way it was and that’s all it does. Everyone has experienced it. More than once in their lives probably. Including myself. But like I said before, sometimes Karma needs a little nudge. I like to give it a goddamn shove instead? Which will shove it right up their ass! So here I am showing my TRUE colors, you got me, I'm a believer in vigilantism. Nothing supersedes the Laws of Men. Like I said before, it's about a reckoning. We ALL pay our debts sometime...and if it's coming from will be 10 fold. So to hell with ethics and morality. Because of the code I live by, I haven't any either. I won't be one of those mouthpiece hypocrites. Which I loath just as much, but that's a topic for another day.

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