content showing sexuals acts with minors

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Re: content showing sexuals acts with minors

Post by STUDIOny on Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:42 pm
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Yer mate we get RTE with Sky, cheers for the link as well, I'll check it out later.
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Re: content showing sexuals acts with minors

Post by radicool_systemite on Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:55 am
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I agree that pedophiles are people too and a solution to the problem is more complicated than "kill them". I also agree that pedophilia seems to be some kind of mental disease, in that they really just can't help themselves. I've heard something similar happens with regard to gambling and alcohol.

There has been some debate in medical circles about an effective punishment for pedophiles, with some suggesting physical castration while others opt for chemical castration (i.e. not permanent) while others opt for counseling or just plain old jail time. However, in ALL of those scenarios the evidence has shown that none of them has been effective in stopping the disease itself. For example, while a castrated man cannot physically penetrate anymore, he can still touch, fondle, fantasize, watch, etc...and more often than not those who have been physically or chemically castrated either turn out to be repeat offenders or continue with frequent sexual child fantasies.

My personal opinion is that the only thing which will "cure" a pedophile is to separate them from EVER working around children at anytime or under any circumstances. While segregation has been widely opposed in other contexts like male vs female or on racial issues, I feel it is the most humane way to deal with pedophiles who can't seem to stop themselves. Because children are everywhere, It is very difficult to police pedophiles without physically separating them from the general public, like on an island out in the ocean somewhere, but that may be one of the best solutions we have for now. It is a very difficult problem to solve.

In my opinion, both child porn and racism is fine. It's just what people enjoy. It's human. It's natural.

Although you have presented your case in a very respectful manner, AY7, I think what you've said here is more out of ignorance (although you HAVE also been very careful in what you've said, too) than any genuine concern for finding a solution that is fair for everyone, or that even addresses the ethics of the situation.

For example, you've not defined what "child porn" is, although I think it is fair to assume that you probably understand child porn to mean physical, sexual intercourse or otherwise fondling of the child or encouraging the child to sexually fondle the adult in some way. Is that right? On the other hand,you have said that you would only watch and enjoy child porn, rather than physically participating in touching. This conveniently leaves the door open for A LOT of interpretation as to just how far you would really go despite your claims that you wouldn't want to "hurt" anyone (all in the name of enjoyment, of course).

You've said that people need to control themselves. What kind of control are you talking about exercising in your OWN circumstances?

I just don't agree with them taking their beliefs out on the child/person.

How do you define this "taking their beliefs out" before you decide to watch a particular piece of child porn? Do you base it on the expression on the child's face? Like if the child is obviously struggling and crying against what is happening, do you turn the video off? Do you base it on how much enjoyment the adult seems to be getting out of it? Like does the man or woman have a "wicked" grin of delight on his/her face? OR, do you base it on how much enjoyment you personally get out of it? Based on your earlier comments, I'd say that is the more accurate of the three, but I'd be interested in hearing what are your criteria.

Cereal said...

I do agree that if it doesnt hurt anyone its ok, but I still dont approve of it.

Once again, it is pointless to discuss issues on the assumption that everyone else knows what you mean when you say something like this.How do you know when a child is hurt by pedophilia and when s/he is not hurt by it? Can we get some clarification and some explanation as to how the pro child porn watchers arrive at their conclusions?

The question is tho, how many people that the police have caught with only child porn on their computer etc, would of over time ended up taking it too far?
That's probably the biggest worry when it comes down to something like this.

Experience has shown that the only thing holding most pedophiles back from acting on their fantasies is either a fear of being caught or limited "opportunity". In other words, under the right circumstances and conditions, a pedophile would act on his/her fantasies. Of course, no one really can know that for sure, but like I said, the evidence makes the best case in this situation.

You see, even if the pedophile never does physically touch a child, but only looks at pictures and videos, where do you suppose those videos came from? Real children SOMEWHERE being exploited by SOMEONE. The reason people film and distribute and sell the footage is because there is someone somewhere willing to buy and watch it. If you cut the demand, then you cut the supply. So, no, the biggest worry in something like this is not about how much porn can someone get away with storing in their computer; it is about how much NEW porn that person is demanding be made from real children so s/he can fill up his computer.

Racist people and fans of child porn are people, just like you and me. We may like different things, to them, but we're going to have to learn to respect other's opinios and beliefs.

Yeah, and thieves are people too, but if someone breaks into your house I'll bet my sweet white ass globes that you'd report it to the cops in an attempt to either save your stuff or save yourself. I find it hard to believe that you'd bow to the thief's argument that you need to respect his natural, human, enjoyment of gaining an advantage for himself by taking from you. Or are you saying that this "respect for other people's opinions" only applies in situations where you get what you want, like watching child porn?
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