School Oppression??

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Re: School Oppression??

Post by KennethHarris111 on Mon Dec 16, 2019 10:45 am
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I can't give an exact answer. On the one hand, they limit the ability of students to use website links where they can order written paper, now many of students abuse it. This gives more chances to the best university students to receive a well-deserved scholarship. On the other hand, this limits the student’s access to useful information, violation of human rights and freedoms. :? As for me, I’ll add that I agree with university restrictions, especially when it comes to sites that help students write off.
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Re: School Oppression??

Post by CecilFitzgerald on Thu May 21, 2020 7:13 am
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PyratedKat453 wrote:I go to a private school, where all students used to enjoy freedom of the network to do whatever we pleased. Now, the admins are blocking our social media apps and completely censoring what pages we can view. The students are enraged, and claim this cuts us off from outside information, and only seeing the information they want us to see.

These new changes don't affect me (encryptions), but should the other "coders" and I take actions in freeing the network, or are they in the right?

Parental control - an application or program that restricts certain functions of gadgets: smartphones, laptops. Applications for parental control are used to protect the child from adverse sites and a long stay on the Internet or games. For example, some parents do not allow children to services such as service that allow students buy cheap paper, because parents want the child to write papers on their own. When the virtual world sucks in not only you, but also your child, you begin to think about security. Who is chatting with your child and what videos your child is watching? At the first threats, the parent frantically attacks the virtual enemy, cutting off unwanted content, which is why I think that parental control is a useful thing that allows parents to control the information that gets to their child.
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