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Iran, US and Israel, what will happen?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:30 am
by sydnytt

Currently the global banks, the EU and the UN etc are imposing sanctions on the state of Iran. Friends from Iran living in the European country that I am from are expressing concerns that these sanctions are part of a plan (or just creates an opportunity) to weaken Iran for a coming invasion by the US and Israel, the two mightiest and most well-funded militaries in the world. This is of course not the sole reason i have concerns about this since the media is also suggesting this, but hearing these people and concerns for their families was what made an impact on me. As i read a few forum topics here i got the impression that people on here are generally reasonable and intelligent.

I do not want to legitimize the Iranian governments treatment of its own people and general attitude to the rest of the world, but i do not regard any of the involved parties as the good guys, since the people in power of pretty much any country or union of nations seem to act mostly for the economic gain of their respective countries. I know that Iran has not started a war in several thousands of years. They possess a huge amount of resources and I know that the US and the western community has started wars to extract or receive resources from central Asian/South American/African countries before, often disguising the reason with something justifiable to the public. I think it is ignorant to believe that the western and supposedly democratic nations defer from using any type of propaganda so lets assume that what our own media is telling us is (generally) not an unbiased version of reality. Israel and Iran have been in conflict for a long time and possess a great deal of hatred for each other, The US have been backing Israel for a long time and even if it should be tired of war right about now anything is possible, right?

What do you think will happen? What is happening right now?
What could this action trigger?
and in an attempt to tie this to the theme of the site: What could the global community of hackers do to help this situation even slightly?

Maybe this will all be speculations but I'm interested in reading your opinions and beliefs.

Re: Iran, US and Israel, what will happen?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:45 pm
by not_essence2
Hey, every action by a government will be scrutinized, and no one will know the true reasons, because alas, there is no true reason, just the reasons we know and the reasons that are kept secret. Iran, US, and Israel, if they understand history lessons from the Cold War, will not use nuclear weapons anytime soon, if things are as they are now. Hopefully it'll remain that way.

Re: Iran, US and Israel, what will happen?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:34 pm
by footyfrak
You registered to make such a topic? Making some kind of experiment?

I think you know for sure what people think and what attitudes have about the war you are asking about. Actually, it's so much a matter of default that the question itself seems absurd. Of course - war against terrorism must continue until the last terrorist is killed. With a little imagination on TV - Iran is going to become the most dangerous terrorist country, therefore be dematerialized. Each state that supports terrorism should be destroyed.

Regular guy from the forums here will soon be celebrating the start of the war against "the most dangerous terrorist country" Iran. Special party when war is over - I mean - when the good old US win against dark side of the universe - called terrorists. You should read it like - When hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed - they will celebrate that as their victory in another battle in the (endless) war against the terrorism.

Of course I do not agree with these people, and their (retarded) psychedelic worldview but you must understand that 90% of the people today thinks like I described to you.

What will happen? US and Israel will, sooner or later, demolish Iran - and of course - hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians will be killed (they will call it "collateral damage"). It is the official reports of all the wars that America leads. It is even difficult to calculate how much the American-led wars since 1945, because some wars in general are not provided as wars (ironic, isn't it?). Some are listed as "peaceful mission" (holy crap) and some of them are not listed anywhere at all, in translation, they were deleted from history. In all of those wars, almost all killed civilians, regardless of their number, is officially considered as "collateral damage".

So as you can see we have a higher purpose - to destroy terrorism - and that goal justifies any means. Nuclear weapons will be used if necessary - and to remind you - this is not the first time.

You need a proof? viewtopic.php?f=41&t=7270

What else to tell you? Welcome to the new world order. As Bill Hicks used to say "This is insane world, and I'm proud to be part of it" ;)

Re: Iran, US and Israel, what will happen?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:39 pm
by not_essence2
footfrak- Well, with each action comes a benefit and a consequence. Improvement is using the benefits to achieve the goal while making sure the consequence isn't too bad. So I'm guessing that the war on terrorism has not yet reached the point where the consequences outweigh the benefits to such an extent where even the governments and militates try to stop it.