why i hate rich people and the coperate world

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Re: why i hate rich people and the coperate world

Post by niteowl on Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:53 am
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nosidius wrote:this is a real problem, however don't hate those who are smart....... i hate being the one to say that, i really do, but it's also true, and we can't ignore the fact

as for the high paying jobs, most are over saturated, and people go to college and then do something entirely unrelated because they can't find a sustainable job in their field (look at lawyers, and also IT people!) however consultant can help in this.........

What needs to happen is that no one is born to riches, and they have to struggle upwards the same as everyone else

how i would like this to happen: 10 people who are born in the same place within a month of each other are grouped together, and raised together, so that for all they know they're related by blood, and they would be mixed racially (in even segments if possible), making it so THAT kind of problem doesn't arise (they think of them as brothers and sisters, how could it?) This would also circumvent issues with teaching, these 10 people would always be together, and work together, and solve problems together, they would never be apart, and so the whole would be very good, while there may be 1-2 links that aren't good at a subject, the rest make up for it. they would also begin to get used to working together, and understand what the other is saying, and would therefore work more efficiently towards a problem, on top of getting rid of the aforementioned problems

with this, they would also all work together to provide some are with what they're best at, and they wouldn't be lonely, because they have each other, reinforcing their concept of being content, and happy. This would also allow for more rapid learning, since if you are raised in the same environment, you're more likely to be on each others level, reducing age issues and bullying as well (assuming you skip a grade)

while this is rather drawn out, this would be a solution to the current problem, but i guarantee you no one in a position of power will accept it within the next hundred years, because they don't want to lose their power

are you kidding me? this is absolutely ridiculous! this doesn't even really work on paper...you can't be so ignorant as to think this would really work!?
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