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Re: First time building a pc

Post by o the drama on Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:12 am
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Hey m8,, i can give you some ideas but you gotta understand its from MY prefferences soo
for the mothorboard id go with asus get ... 6813131614 this mobo is as future proof as any ive seen its ready for the i9's :D (not even out yet) sata 6 and usb 3 too :P
for the tower GET THE HAF 932 GOOD ROOM AMAZEING AIRFLOW looks nice :)
i have ocd and i can FIND SOMETHING wrong with everything but that tower case is just... i own that tower and its the best ive ever used 5/5 from me :)
as for memory id get something from kingston like theyre dominators or from Gskill like theyre pi series (im useing gskill)
only thing you should worry about with memory is,,, if it has large heatsinks you wont be able to fit a GOOD cpu cooler as after u add the fans usualy ur loosing a dimm or two if your useing a fan like ultra kaze (3000rpm thick one) lol the width of the fan costs you up to 3 dimms :D exception would be watercooling : / but it gives me nightmares thinking it could leak :D
id go with Ati for the graphix as they have never did me wrong and eyefinity is cool
but my friends swear by nvidia so meh go with your prefference ;)
thats about it,,,
and a pet peeve of mine,, go high end at first and get bare minimum so you can upgrade (example: im useing 12g of pi series ram,,, but at first i bought 3 sticks then later 3 more,,, for my graphix card i bought an 5970 and in the future plan to crossfire when i can afford another) :D
also your gonna want a good power supply like 1000 watts i wish i had 1200 :(
probly a fan controler as well so when your heating er up you can crank the fans up, then when your straightning your room or whutever you can turn the fans down so the towers quiet :D
its allot to read and my grammer is terrible but hope you got SOMETHING good from it :)
o the drama
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