SUper Computer Specs/Advice

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SUper Computer Specs/Advice

Post by CaptainIcicle on Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:01 am
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Hello all,

I need a little help building a super computer as I am unsure what kind of wattage might be necessary. If you could help me find out how much watts different computer parts take. I am currently building using chromebooks to build this and have made power supply to chromebook charger plugin that work. I just need the wattage info so I know how to keep it safe an to keep the power supplies from catching fire or causing one. Right now working with silver chromes as they are to stop computers unused from going to landfills and once the super computer is made it will do cancer disease research so please don't give me false information as the project is very delicate and one small miss hap could be a huge set back. Samsung Silver chromebooks sorry for not knowing the chromebook model number. Much help is greatly appreciated though

Best regards,
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