help needed with mining rig please!!

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help needed with mining rig please!!

Post by ethanfernd2727 on Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:33 am
([msg=100054]see help needed with mining rig please!![/msg])

ive recently built my first mining rig with the following
asrock h81 probtc r2.0
intel 3258
4gb ram
120gb ssd
evga 1000w gold
2x pny NVidia gtx 1050ti
1 gigabyte gtx 1050ti
1 evga 1050ti

windows 10 build 1703

when I initially set it up it would only read one gpu, after doing the hackflags registry edit and increasing virtual memory to 16000 and going back to windows 1703 from 1709 I got it to read all 4 but gives me a code 12 on one

I emailed asrock and they sent me a bios update for 1.3b which enabled 4g decoding and it didn't help. ive disabled sound, lan and onboard video from bios, set pci speed to gen1 and still get a lack of resources. crap, ive even gone as far as order another set of risers, another mobo, and a new ssd thinking that somehow that would fix it. the only thing I can think of now is I read somewhere that the cpu might be the culprit. Idk man, Ive been working on this for over a week and am at the end of my rope. any advice is appreciated!
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