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John the ripper problems !!!!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 2:56 am
by fogismith
HI all !!!

Firslty what a great site a resource :)

OK I've kinda stumbled upon John the ripper which has in turn led me this site resulting in my eyes being opened wide :)

OK I have the latest version of JTR - firstly I have two .exe files from the DIR to run - one is either john-386 or john-mmx - I've played with both and cant really find any difference had a searcj around and nothing also what is the difference ??

OK then I have quite a nice wordlist - using the argon list.

I firslty put my hash's through this and tend not to get any hits - but I have got some so knw it must work

I think move onto incremental searching searhing all numbers + chars but then thats were I become unstuck - JTR has been working over 25 hrs on one hash but I cant seem to crack it - this seems to be the case for most hashs I use any tips ??


this is the hash I'm trying to have a pop at - anyone able to offer me any tips ???

I been using google hacks to get the hash's aswell - any other ways ??

I have a quad core cpu - when JTR is running it only ever uses 25% - one cpu is there a way to give it more POWER !!!

is there any other programs that I should move onto after this ?? It seems that I'm snowed under a montain of info - If I wanted to go down the cracking path - exploiting web-sites which should be my next steps ??

Dont confuses this with a beg for info just a point in the right direction


Re: John the ripper problems !!!!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:52 am
by TheRenegade
On windows operating system when you want one single program more cpu or memory power you can open your windows task mamanger. Under processes find yoru program and right click>set priority>high. I believe this used mostly to avoid programs from crashing but it may also give you extra juice to run whatever task you intend on using.

Re: John the ripper problems !!!!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:13 am
by nathandelane
Two of the most difficult things pertaining to cracking hashes are, 1) knowing the hashing algorithm, because there are many. Most popular are probably MD4, MD5, and SHA1, and 2) knowing the salt used in a hashing algorithm. The salt is commonly a word or a number used to offset either a random number or the hash in general. In password hashing good practices, a salt is often added to either the end of the password or the end of an initial hash, and then the password or hash is hashed [again]. The salt itself is not random in nearly every case, because it must be easy to reproduce in order to get a collision when the password is correct. If you can limit the hashing algorithm, then that will make you experience a little faster. Knowing other information like the length of the password or the salt will help even more.