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Re: new noob TEACH ME PLZ!

Post by kam16 on Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:28 pm
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SatansBrother wrote:Hey there im new to this site but deff not new to this feild,

My advice GET A UNIX DISTRO at least partition part of your HD if not already, at some point if you really love it you will get the nice little GUI's taken away from you so you may as well learn now. Also my personall prefference

Learn basic HTML
Learn XHTML (lot a new sites are utilizing this for its easier functionality)
learn Javascript
and for programmign I would go with pearl i dk why colleges teach java first......


Learn about tcp/ip, ftp , php , ldap, etc.

Do not download to many warez cause a majority have malicious code go to the trusted sites branch when ur ready,

O and get urself a scanner Nmap's the classic just cause youll end up using them later anyway, besides thats the most stimulating part of the feild anyway. Shits hard at first but it comes worth it when you root your first box. I would say thats when you can really claim urself a hacker.

Also stay updated on exploits, sometimes easy is efficient. Anyway its sat here to drunk to do any missions but ill be completing them soon, heard 9 was heard can;t wait to face.


this might be a dumb questions but then again there is no such thing as a dumb question what is a "Root This Box" just wondering
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