Voice to Skull software Mind Control

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Voice to Skull software Mind Control

Post by cogoditv on Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:24 am
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Hi all i looking for somebody that has any experience with experience with the dark web? Me and my girlfriend are victims of psychotronic weapons that are being used on us. I know this is a job for the police but after spending the last year trying to get the police to help us i'm giving up on them and trying to track the software down that is being used on us.

The device is known as psychotronic weapon voice to skull where the controllers are able to direct speech to the targets brain force speech and also induce dreams. Yes this sounds unreal but take it from me it is for real and i have over 100 other victims that i have also spoken with that are having this same thing done to them. I think it is the same thing that suicide bombers have used on them before they end up killing people thinking that there god is speaking in to there heads but in the real world its some sick person that is doing it making them think its there god.

There are many names for this type of device "mind control" "psychotronic weapons" "Voice to Skull" "V2K" "Electronic harassment" "Gang Stalking" "Microwave Weapon" etc. The device works on the peoples brain frequencies via some type of radio device that is linked to the pc and from what i have found it is very bad to have this directed at the person as the frequencies it works on can cook the body inside out like a microwave do if used over long periods of time.

I'm looking for somebody that has any idea how this works or if they can track the software down for me so that i can then take it to the police and get the people behind it put in prison. This type of device turns people to do some of the worst crimes ever and with the peron that i have known all my life using this on me and my girlfriend as well as him saying he is talking to young kids it got to stop problem we have no police even knows anything about it or there just being lazy and won't find out for them selfs. Really need help with this plz guys so if anybody can help plz email me with info or where on dark web it is best to look for software plz.
My email is welshcoggie@gmail.com

Thanks guys if anybody can help your be saving peoples lives as this thing has also killed me once and also having to read other peoples comments everyday that are almost at point of taking there own lives because of this sick device and software.

Thanks all for your time :ugeek:
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