Appealing to the community, a film on hacking

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Appealing to the community, a film on hacking

Post by tuanbusku on Wed May 23, 2018 8:53 pm
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Hey everyone, my name is Mark. Me and my team produce independent films as one of our hobbies, and occasionally send them to festivals and whatnot to be seen. We have come up with a good idea for a film that we want to produce, which is also grounded in reality.

On September 22nd last year, a 16 year old by the name of "c0mrade" hacked into the Pentagon and NASA network. Youll never guess what we want our film to be on.

I know that to some people, im treading in very very deep water, and im here to let you know that im not (check list of what not to put in my mouth at end of post) (ew). We want to make a film about this kid, and we have a surprisingly detailed article about him that we have recovered from an article published (not online) about 7 months ago.

I feel that before i ask you my big (or a bunch of little) question(s) i should provide you with some minor points about the film, that some people may want to know before helping out. The film, not to most people's surprise, is going to be taking the side of the hacker, but not from a destructive position, from a "set a goal, accomplish the goal" perspective. From what we understand, the teenage did not have any destructive motive, he just did it to, well, do it. We want to make that clear, yet at the same time portray is accomplishment as a "good" one (we dont believe what he did was right, this is videography, im sure u guys understand the idea).
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