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The advice I wish I'd gotten before I started...

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:43 pm
by waitnow
Since this community is all about sharing knowledge, and helping those who want to get started in hacking to do so, I thought it would be useful for everyone to contribute with their experience and trials and errors, by simply responding to one question:

What's the ONE thing you wish you had known before you started to learn hacking?


My advice
For me, the one thing is easy: Focus on the basics. Focus on understanding. Once you understand a topic, you can hack it. You can't hack it, if you don't understand it.

It's so easy to get lost in the world of hacking and cyber security, because there is so much to learn, so much you need to know. And I always tried to navigate it with the attention span of a 5 year old. I switched from one topic to the next, never really being good at one thing, but always knowing something about web hacking, reverse engineering. Yet, never enough to really feel that I knew how it works.

And that was bad. If anything, hacking is about persisting the advent of difficulty. To lean into the pain, not to give into it. But that is not the most natural reaction. Instead, it's easier to focus on something else.

All the advice on how you should use Kali, set up VMs, and simply start hacking away... I don't think it's the right advice to give to youngsters. That is, it's not the right advice for people who really want to become hackers. It's nice for script kiddies who want to start out directly pwning a PC without having any knowledge of what is happening, simply because they have read a tutorial on how to use metasploit with a certain OS.

Now, up to you – what's your advice?

Re: The advice I wish I'd gotten before I started...

PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:49 am
by pretentious
Trust in the process
Most people fail at most things because they don't see immediate progress and give up.
Don't lol, you're welcome kids ;)

You can move a mountain, one pebble at a time