Creative 7zip cracker needed with good cause.

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Creative 7zip cracker needed with good cause.

Post by Malefactor2000 on Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:08 pm
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So... Here's the situation i have... I have 2 files locked with 7zip... Encrypted, password protected and all... ONE of the files... i GENERALLY know the password... was tipsy, but not quite drunk when i made it, and apparently hit the same key on both passwords in wrong order to screw it up... So, i know what the password SHOULD be, but apparently got one off somewhere in the mix... it's a 40+ character password... The other one, i know what combinations i would have used to make it, but it was at least a year ago i made that password... So, i have a "dictionary" of words / symbols ect i would use... So, what i need if anyone can help me find it or create it...

7zip password cracker / input. I need something that will use 7zip and just try combinations of dictionary input at speed to find the right combination. I don't need it to randomly go through lower case / upper case. If i'm givin (very specific) instructions on how to enter the various combinations of upper / lower case and special characters to try "sections" of them in a specific order... that would GREATLY increase the time needed to unlock these... I'm not a hacker or a programmer, so i have NO CLUE what this would entail or need to actually accomplish if it can even be done... but... if anyone wants a challenge and up to the task, you have no idea how much i'd appreciate it. These are documents i've been saving for a court trial that are now needed very soon and... i can't access them anymore... they were locked in case someone (the other party) tried to take my computer and access them... i made sure it would be impossible, but because of the time it's taken to need them... i myself have forgotten the actual passwords... help would be greatly appreciated...
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Re: Creative 7zip cracker needed with good cause.

Post by hackuin60s on Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:07 pm
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Password protected 7zip can be extracted using command line option.
The command is ' 7z e -y -p"your_password_here" your_7zip_file

So, as you mentioned, you have a decent dictionary to use, we can simply automate the process.

Here is bash script which does it.

Code: Select all

echo '[-] Cracking Password:'
echo '**********************'

while read LINE
   7z e -y -p"$LINE" your_7zip_file >>/dev/null 2>/dev/null
   if [[ $? == 0 ]]; then
      echo '[+] Password Cracked: ' $LINE
done < your_wordlist.txt

Best of Luck!!
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