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Post by ghostheadx2 on Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:56 am
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pitabit wrote:OSCP was one of the best courses that I could do. For me the best one to start in penetration testing. I love their approach, starting with an easy material, then the labs where you can hack more than 100 machines, and the final exam that it's a real challenge.

This course is really oriented to penetration testing, so if you don't want to go in that direction, although you will learn a lot, maybe it's not a good choice (for example, I thinking in an Engineering path).

@ghostheadx2 if you have linux knowledge, CCNA it's good, but the most important one for me, it's the programming knowledge. You will find yourself with shell scripting, python and a bit of C, so it could be good at least to have some basic knowledge in those languages. The good thing with OSCP, is that you have a lot of time, because you can start the course and decide when you want the exam. So, if you are stuck, you can spend more time in some topics (indeed this is even recommended). The most important part of OSCP, is the labs. When you finish the course, try to hack as much machines as you can, and don't forget to write everything you did in the report. This could give some extra points in the final exam that you could need.

I've done basic shell scripting and I've done basic python. I haven't done much C though. Probably I'll need a refresher on it but still feel more confident now that you've said that.

Yeah so my school offers CEH course for free, so would it be better to do that first just like liz4rdm4n said?
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Post by liz4rdm4n on Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:27 pm
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Nothing to lose if it's free. Even if it only serves as a HR keyword.
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