Archive Service Has Sensitive Information On Me

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Archive Service Has Sensitive Information On Me

Post by Lisson on Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:14 pm
([msg=95556]see Archive Service Has Sensitive Information On Me[/msg])

I'm not sure how exactly this happened, but managed to collect sensitive information on me. This information is a threat to my reputation and my well-being, not to mention my career. It seems someone uploaded this information about me out of spite. I cannot emphasize this enough: I must somehow delete this content from their server(s).

I have emailed the webmaster multiple times asking politely to delete the content and explaining my situation. I have not gotten a response. I'm not sure if the email account is not active or the webmaster simply doesn't want to respond. I have offered to compensate the webmaster for the deletion of the sensitive content. Yet, I have still not received a response.

I have been studying the layout of the service and it seems that the archive database is spread out over multiple domains (IP addresses).

I have contacted the hosting provider and filed an abuse claim on the grounds of defamatory content and stolen intellectual property. I have not received a response from the hosting provider.

I cannot move forward if this content is not deleted permanently from the server. At this point my options seem to be to limited but not impossible.

I am willing to pay handsomely in bitcoin for a solution to my problem.
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