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I'm a noob...get aspx form results to plug into spreadsheet

Post by lilmilyunr on Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:40 am
([msg=48144]see I'm a noob...get aspx form results to plug into spreadsheet[/msg])

I'm looking for a starting point. Basically, I connect to a website everyday through an aspx logon page. That connects me to an aspnetForm page, where I type in a part number and I'm given my price for that part. Problem is, the wholesaler fluctuates the pricing, and I have no way of knowing unless I login and go part by part.

I'd like to create a page (Html or excel or ?) that will automatically tell me what my "live" prices are. I want to learn how to code a page or program that will "fetch" the aspnetForm results (price) based on the part numbers in my excel spreadsheet or on my webpage.

Someone give me a push, please. Thanks guys.
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