Any hack/jailbreak advice for new H2O Edition 2 owner? (befo

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Any hack/jailbreak advice for new H2O Edition 2 owner? (befo

Post by Zomare on Mon May 20, 2019 11:25 am
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So, I've had a Kindle Paperwhite 1 for over 5 years and now the battery is dying super fast. In another thread I was convinced to buy a Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2, so I just ordered it and it should arrive in a week or so. I'm excited about it.
In the past I had my PW1 hacked/jailbroken, and the main uses I did were screensaver hack, nested collections, preventing the PW from updating (since later firmware updates broke the collections) and a few basic things like that. I never really bothered with custom fonts or anything because I was satisfied with what was provided by default. I also basically gave up on PDFs on the ereader and I decided it wasn't worth it to read comics on such a small screen. So I'm not sure what other hacks I'd really even *look for* on an ereader these days.
I've heard that the Kobo OS is actually really good as is (rivals or even better than PW, which I was very satisfied with the general OS). I've also heard that the Kobo can default to the screensaver being the cover of the book I'm reading (is that true?).
So, are there any good hacks or any thing related to jailbreaking that any of you would recommend to a first-time Kobo user?
I'm asking before the Kobo arrives because I know with the PW you had to sometimes act quickly so it wouldn't update to an un-jailbreakable firmware on you. Is there a similar concern with Kobo that I should jailbreak or hack it as soon as I get it because an automatic update might mess up my ability to do things to it later?
And overall: please just advise on what you believe are the best extra features added by various Kobo hacks/jailbreaking that you personally use and that you think improves over the default functionality of the Kobo.
Thanks for any help you can give! Especially if it's a bit timely, in case it's something I'd need to do immediately upon receiving the device.
Thanks, ... advantage/
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