Should I be offended?

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Should I be offended?

Post by dondef on Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:04 pm
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So I went for an interview in a company for a position in infosec - trying to be a security engineer.

During the interview, we discussed skills, knowledge, experience and bachelors degrees.

Bachelor's degree - not computer engineering related

He then asked me, do you have a specialization? I replied not yet. I still have a lot to learn but trying to learn more cryptography.

About an hour long interview so can't post it all here :D

Anyway, by the end of the interview, he says you'll be a very good penetration tester! (I was being interviewed for security engineer)

So I'm not sure I understand or if I should be offended. Is security engineer just a title or is penetration tester my specialization?

AND is being a penetration tester the bottom of the totem pole?
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Re: Should I be offended?

Post by dogman101111 on Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:01 pm
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I would take it as a compliment.
Most of the penetration testers I spoke to, came from Engineering. To back that up, I am a recent grad looking for a job, and all the pen testing companies only take folk with experience, meaning there is a low chance that a recent grad will go straight into pentesting....why?...because pentesting is an art. Despite the stereotype that may go around where " a pentester is just some skiddie running metasploit", that is not what it is at all.
In my eyes, a pen tester is someone who knows the system inside out, knows it so well, that they can manipulate it to do what the developer had not intended. Running certain tools will only get you thus far. Real pentesters, have very strong programming skills/ engineering skills. Just think about it, think about the hackers before all these tools, and then think about the people actually responsible for writing these tools. They did it by hand to begin with, then just used their knowledge to automate it. Crafting these tools is an example of Engineering itself.
"In order to break the rules, you must learn them first" - that being said, a good pen tester definitely has a good understanding of the system + he has a creative mindset to manipulate it and do as they like.
However, I believe that the interviewer didn't mean anything by it. Maybe you just explained your skills from a 'break in' perspective a little too much.
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