Cell Signal Booster to Potentially Capture Data

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Cell Signal Booster to Potentially Capture Data

Post by Tommyboy123a on Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:31 am
([msg=107913]see Cell Signal Booster to Potentially Capture Data[/msg])

I've just installed a cell booster in my house, but the thought occurred to me: all my data is going through wires (and an amplifier) right outside my house.

Paranoid thought experiment, but if someone split into the coax line carrying the data, and somehow had authentication for my SIM (transmitting through my antenna to the tower), is there a device they could use to listen to calls and see cell data transferred?

Is this a vulnerability today if a knowledgeable enemy of mine knows where I live?

Specifically, talking about the cell booster weBoost Home MultiRoom.

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