Help with BackTrack v3

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Help with BackTrack v3

Post by User8303 on Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:43 pm
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This thing has been a nightmare to set up, i installed the live version to cd (burning it as an iso image) and tried to boot from cd getting a list of options to start up:

Backtrack graphic mode in either, kde/flux/vesa kde/text mode frame buffer or,
Run BackTrack with no dhcp/no hdd/in safe mode or...
Graphic mode with persistent changes.

As it starts to load i get an error message "sync over range" screen turns funny blurry colours so play around with the display etc get frustrated disconnect - reconnect monitor plug and everything works.

Then more heartache as i pick (i think) "vesa kda" which is great has everything i possible could need installed with a windows like desktop. I open the command screen and find i cant use [ or ]. How do i change the keyboard set up and get said fonts back? i have tried all the buttons to find them and the nearest one is shift-insert and that only gives me[

I can get it using Backtrack graphic mode flex/kde but i need more than one command screen.

If im in the wrong room pls dont delete me, im desperate
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Re: Help with BackTrack v3

Post by atrius on Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:08 am
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The screen issue is to do with your video card, backtrack's drivers for said card, and your screen's capibilitys. I cant help you much on that.

On bootup you should just be able to leave it (dont touch anything after booting), or perhaps press enter. Either way, whatever the default option is should be fine.

"i need more than one command screen." -- If you are running a KDE-like desktop, find the "terminal" application from the applications menu. Thats your command screen... you can open as many as you want.

Hope that helps, im a wee tad rusty on bt3 (it doesnt detect my ethernet card :() so i havnt used it for a while.
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