Fully Encrypted Kali and Windows 7 installataion

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Fully Encrypted Kali and Windows 7 installataion

Post by AlphaLynx on Sat May 03, 2014 9:00 pm
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I would like to set up a an encrypted dual boot system. One partition should be windows 7 os, on another partition should be kali linux, and on the other I would like to hold all my files for viewing on both. My understanding is that I should use truecrypt bootloader to boot so that everything remains encrypted until passwords are entered. How should I do this, and is it possible to do with truecrypt? (it can be another tool, I don't care)
After looking at other tutorials for dual boots and encrypting entire systems, I assume that I would first install WIndows, encrypt the partition with truecrypt, set up bootloader, and then.... something with kali and then messing around with boot orders and records? how do I do this so I don't accidentally leave all my info exposed?
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